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Company profile

Company profile

China Heng company since 2011 formally incorporated. China Heng is a research and development, manufacturing, sales as one of the national high-tech enterprises. Hua Heng company in the FPC industry to provide high-precision production equipment, technology in the CCD imaging system independent research and development, high-precision assembly, automated testing and other fields. The invention has 5 items, and has a plurality of existing utility patents. Hua Heng company has 1 senior engineer titles, 8 intermediate engineers titles. Hua Heng company engaged in automation professional and technical personnel 21, Hua Heng company has excellent professional after-sales service team. Hua Heng has nearly 20 years experience in R & D of CCD image vision system, and 15 years experience in mechanical design team. The main products of Huaheng company are: automatic alignment film machine, automatic ink (solder) alignment machine, automatic servo press, automatic punch manipulator, automatic clamping machine, film laminating machine, integrated full automatic production line for exposure. Automatic alignment film machine equipment characteristics Huaheng company: China film machine can realize automatic constant whole alignment of single-sided and double-sided sticking film, high precision, high efficiency CCD alignment. 100% automatic detection, ensure the yield of Huaheng automatic alignment machine can solve the film and the substrate. The film, when the film substrate and the mandrel, the film made of Para Para functional compensation, the average distribution of tolerance.

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To exceed customer expectations for the goal of creating first-class FPC automation equipment!

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