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VCP adhesive tape machine

Product features
The automatic adhesive tape machine is mainly used in the FPC process. When the plating process needs to be fixed on the frame by FPC, the automatic adhesive tape machine is used.

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Product parameter

Name: VCP adhesive tape machine

model: TJ100

Equipment application:

Automatic adhesive tape machine is mainly used in FPC production process. In the electroplating process, FPC should be bonded to the frame

On board, use automatic adhesive tape machine.

equipment features

1. high efficiency: more than 200PCS per hour;

2., manpower cost saving: can replace 3~4 person;

3. machines instead of handwork, quality is stable;

4., less investment, quick results.

Brief introduction of equipment working mode

1. function: automatic grab copper and frame, and complete glue action;

2., feeding method: artificial materials (frames, copper, tape) set to the corresponding storage area, the machine automatically grab material;

3., blanking method: manual blanking.