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Hua Heng service

Release time:2017-06-16 | Article source: huaheng intelligent technology co., LTD

Dear users:

Hello! Thank you very much for using the products provided by Guangdong Heng Heng Intelligent Technology Co., ltd.!

Our company has been adhering to the "scientific and technological innovation, integrity-based, quality first, customer first" purpose, to implement the "consistent from beginning to end create a high-end smart equipment Chinese enterprises affordable, with all staff dedication dedication, efforts to increase customer satisfaction; industry return to the society, creating a win-win cooperation.

We will provide you with perfect and high quality after-sales service from the beginning of your use of Heng Hua products. To this end, we formulate the following after-sales service regulations, please give users supervision.

I. technical service content:

1, provide technical guidance and long-term technical advice, job training and so on;

2, the organization of engineering and technical service personnel to carry out regular follow-up service;

3 、 responsible for user equipment installation and routine maintenance instruction;

Two, after-sales service commitment:

1, product quality, shelf life, the overall responsibility for the damaged parts are responsible for the maintenance of free replacement, (except man-made and irresistible natural disasters, except the belt)

2, in the product installation and commissioning process, the company will provide on-site technical guidance free of charge;

3, the company regularly return visits, maintenance.

In order to provide you with more thoughtful and more satisfactory service, Guangdong Hua Heng Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. welcomes your supervision and suggestions. We will take the initiative to pay a return visit, as well as to understand your views, and quickly change the inadequacies of the service.