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Release time:2017-06-16 | Article source: huaheng intelligent technology co., LTD

The company has been officially registered in 2011. Huheng company is a national high-tech enterprise integrating r&d, manufacturing and sales. Huheng company provides high precision manufacturing equipments in the FPC industry in the field of self-development of CCD imaging system, high precision assembly and automatic testing. There are five inventions, and there are many practical patents. Huheng has a senior engineer title, a middle engineer title 8. China hengheng is engaged in the automation professional technical personnel 21, the company has excellent professional after-sales service team. China hengheng has been developing the CCD image visual system for nearly 20 years, and the mechanical design team has 15 years experience. Huaheng company is mainly engaged in products: automatic film para machine, fully automatic printing ink (welding) prevention para machine, fully automatic servo press machine, automatic punching machine manipulator, automatic machine, cover film laminating machine, exposure one-piece full automatic line production line. Huaheng company automatic film para machine equipment characteristics: huaheng automatic film para machine can realize single-sided and double-sided sticking film, CCD alignment, high precision, high efficiency. 100% automatic detection, automatic film para machine can ensure the roa huaheng company solve the film and the substrate increases, when the film increases with the base material, film function of para para compensation, the average distribution of tolerance.